Restaurant Marketing Tips for Savvy Entrepreneurs

Are you a restaurant owner looking to grow your business? Have you been struggling to keep up with the latest marketing strategies and trends?

In this article, we’ll cover everything from restaurant marketing basics to more advanced tactics for experienced entrepreneurs. Get ready for some savvy tips and tricks to help you get noticed in today’s competitive market!

Restaurant Marketing Strategies to Drive Revenue in 2023

There are myriad ways to drive revenue for your restaurants; one of them is by using the right marketing strategies for restaurants. Check out these restaurant marketing ideas to help you get started!

Define Your Target Audience

Restaurant target audience
Restaurant target audience

Knowing your target audience is critical to success in the restaurant industry. Make sure you keep up with your market analysis and continually evolve your marketing efforts to reach your potential customers.

By learning as much as possible about your customers, you can tailor ads and messages to them for a higher chance of return visits.

Identify Your Restaurant’s Marketing Objectives

A target board that resembles restaurant goals
A target board that resembles restaurant goals

Identify your restaurant’s marketing objectives clearly to determine the marketing strategy goals. The three most important objectives are creating brand awareness, acquiring guests, and ensuring they repeat their orders.

You can create awareness of your restaurant’s brand by utilizing paid social media posts, billboards, and local paper, radio, or TV advertising.

Meanwhile, try to acquire guests by offering unique selling points. On top of that, get repeat guests by ensuring they have something to look forward to every time they visit.

Offer Customer Loyalty Programs

A Woman Talking About The Restaurant's Loyalty Programs
A Woman Talking About The Restaurant’s Loyalty Programs

As mentioned in the restaurant objectives, unique selling points can get new customers through the doors and attract new customers to become loyal. One of the ways is by offering customer loyalty programs.

Customers love working towards rewards and points, so major chains like Pizza Hut, Starbucks, and Subway have seen great success with their incentivized programs.

They’ve gained millions of happy customers who enjoy the free items they get for being loyal — and you can do it, too!

Run an Email Marketing Campaign

Send Email Marketing That Actually Works
Send Email Marketing That Actually Works

Email marketing for restaurants has long been one of the effective restaurant promotion ideas. Nowadays, various email marketing tools are available to simplify your work.

For successful email marketing campaigns, look for a service that offers expertly designed email templates, scheduling in advance, automation, and personalization.

That way, you’ll easily reach more customers with discount codes and promotional content important to your business.

Have Social Media Marketing Plan for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

Social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
Social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Social media is a great marketing tool for businesses. On Facebook, you can post videos and pictures to engage followers. Further, customers can contact your account directly via Messenger.

On the other hand, Twitter is also a powerful platform with its rapid info updates. With Instagram, appealing posts and reels will be more effective as people share them on the platform.

Add Restaurant Reservation Links to Google Business Profile

Add Reservation Links to Google Business
Add Reservation Links to Google Business

By including reservation links, customers can quickly and easily access information about your menu, prices, and availability without having to search for it online or call the restaurant directly.

It also allows them to make a reservation quickly and easily, improving customer satisfaction.

Additionally, making reservations through your Google Business Profile will improve your rankings in local search results. You can further optimize your profile by adhering to the Google Business Profile checklist.

Make Sure Business Information is Correct Everywhere

Submit complete and correct business information
Submit complete and correct business information

Effective brand identity requires accuracy to ensure customers know where you are and how to reach out. Ensure your name, opening hours, and location are all accurate on Google, starting by verifying them on your website and continuing on other directories.

Afterwards, utilize social media platforms and other tools such as Google Ads to drive home further your brand’s presence.

Calculating the ROI of Your Restaurant Marketing Efforts

ROI Return of Investment
ROI Return of Investment

Calculate your return on investment (ROI) to ensure your restaurant marketing campaigns earn you money.

Use this formula: ROI = (Net return) / (cost of investment) x 100% or ROI = (Final value of investment – initial value of investment) / (cost of investment) x 100%.

Higher ROI means better output. With these calculations, you can use the insights to improve future campaigns.

Offer a Delivery Service

Food Delivery Man with Food Boxes
Food Delivery Man with Food Boxes

In the current era, having a delivery service is a must. You can pick established delivery services like DoorDash and Uber Eats.

By offering delivery services, restaurants also get the opportunity to increase their sales by upselling customers through special offers and discounts.

Additionally, offering delivery services can boost customer loyalty as customers become more likely to return due to convenience.

Finally, offering delivery services allows restaurants to stay competitive in the changing environment of dining out.

Create a Referral Program to Encourage Word Of Mouth Promotion

Two women sitting at the table of a bar and talking to the waiter about the referral program
Two women sitting at the table of a bar and talking to the waiter about the referral program

A referral program could be a great way to encourage word-of-mouth promotion. To get started, you must define the reward clearly, whether it’s a discount or other benefits.

After that, create the referral codes and start promoting the program. The promotion will spread through word of mouth and reach wider potential customers.

Remember to track the results after a certain period to know whether the referral program impacts your restaurant.

Try to Use Local Ingredients

A customer buying organic fresh agricultural products at a local farmer's market
A customer buying organic fresh agricultural products at a local farmer’s market

Using local ingredients has many advantages. The food is fresher since it travels shorter distances, which helps to preserve its flavour.

Additionally, supporting your fellow local business brings multiple benefits — you’re fostering relationships with other local businesses and gaining a stronger customer base in your area.

Use WIFI Analytics to Gain Comprehensive Customer Data

A woman uses a laptop with connected WiFi in a cafe
A woman uses a laptop with connected WiFi in a cafe

With Wi-Fi analytics, restaurants can track customer behaviour and preferences in real-time. This data can be used to tailor promotions and offers to target customers based on their individual needs and interests.

Additionally, Wi-Fi analytics allows restaurants to understand customer buying patterns better, identify popular menu items, pinpoint areas of improvement in their service, and optimize store layout for increased efficiency.

Encourage User Generated Content with High-Quality Food Pictures

A woman taking a photo of breakfast with smartphone hands holding the phone from above
A woman taking a photo of breakfast with smartphone hands holding the phone from above

By utilizing the power of social media, restaurants will be able to spread the word about their offerings and even gain free organic advertising through user-generated content; it’s engaging and allows customers to connect directly with the restaurant.

Furthermore, curating high-quality food pictures from customers creates an inviting atmosphere that entices people to visit the restaurant in person, enhancing its online presence and brand recognition.

Start a Blog

Start a Blog
Start a Blog

A blog allows you to share news, information, and insights about your business, letting customers know further about your restaurant.

Additionally, it’s an excellent way for restaurants to demonstrate their expertise in the culinary arts, offering valuable information. Restaurant blog ideas include recipes, tips and tricks from the chef, and more.

A blog can be an excellent way for your brand to reach new audiences if properly maintained with consistent posts on a regular schedule and the right SEO strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a restaurant marketing strategy?

A restaurant marketing strategy is an organized plan of action to promote a restaurant and increase sales. It should consider the target market, budget, and available resources while considering the competition.

What makes a great restaurant marketing plan?

A great restaurant marketing plan aims to reach customers through online and offline activities, including understanding the target customers, setting clear goals, creating a multi-channel approach, developing a content strategy, and monitoring and evaluating performance.

How much should I spend on restaurant marketing?

Well, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. However, you can decide by tracking current investments against return on investment (ROI) and adjusting as needed, ranging from 3-6% of sales.

How do I calculate the right restaurant marketing budget for my business?

A general rule is that you start with a realistic budget that works for your business today, ranging from 3-6% of sales. For example, QQ restaurant had gross revenue of $30,000 in 2022. If they assign 6% of the revenue to their marketing, the budget will be $1800.


In conclusion, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for restaurant owners looking to make the most of their restaurant marketing efforts. However, understanding the importance of powerful digital marketing campaigns and personalization can be a great start.

By utilizing innovative online and offline tools, restaurateurs can maximize their visibility and reach in an ever-evolving market.

If you want to get fast and spot-on tailored marketing strategies for restaurants, contacting SEO for Restaurants is an excellent choice. With the help of SEO for Restaurants, you’ll soon have your restaurant on top of its game!

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Andrea Abbondanza is a passionate food lover and the CEO of Seo for Restaurants. With his rich culinary background and deep understanding of online marketing strategies, Andrea helps restaurants and cafes worldwide elevate their online presence and increase

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