Mastering Student Discounts at Your Restaurant: A Comprehensive Guide

Students usually don’t have a lot of disposable income. However, they still want to enjoy the same experiences as their peers. Many businesses and companies offer student discounts on their products and services to make it easier for students to do this. Restaurants are no exception.

By offering student discounts, restaurants can attract more customers from the college demographic and increase revenue. It is also a great way to build loyalty among your customer base.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about holding student discounts at restaurants. If you want to apply this restaurant marketing for your establishment, continue reading this article!

What’s a Student Discount?

What's a Student Discount?
What’s a Student Discount?

Student discounts are special offers available to students that come in the form of reduced prices or exclusive deals.

By providing these valid student ID discounts, businesses, such as restaurants, can draw in a particular crowd: students. These student deals are a great way for students to save money.

The Reason Why Your Restaurant Should Offer Student Discounts

The Reason Why Your Restaurant Should Offer Student Discounts
The Reason Why Your Restaurant Should Offer Student Discounts

Using best student discounts to promote food at your restaurants is a great way to engage with younger customers and encourage more visits. It’s also an excellent financial choice since it can help you draw in large groups of diners, increase the number of orders, and keep your profits high.

Here are the reasons why your restaurant should use student discounts:

Reach a Captive Audience

College and university students represent a captive audience. By offering student discounts, you tap into a demographic with disposable income looking for affordable dining options. This strategy can help increase foot traffic to your restaurant.

Capitalize on Off-Peak Hours

Restaurants often experience lulls during off-peak hours. Student discounts can incentivize students to dine during these times, helping you fill empty tables and increase revenue during slower periods.

Show Loyalty to Your Community

Helping out in your neighborhood is a great way to make people like you and think highly of you. When you give discounts to graduate students, it shows that you care about them, making your restaurant a cherished part of the community.

Who’s Eligible for Student Discounts?

Student discounts are typically available to:

  • College Students: Enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs.
  • High School Students: Sometimes, high school students are also eligible.
  • International Students: Including those with valid student visas.

Types of Student Discount Cards in the USA

Types of Student Discount Cards in the USA
Types of Student Discount Cards in the USA

Within the United States, student discount cards present a broad spectrum of advantages and cost-cutting opportunities for eligible college students.

It becomes crucial for students aiming to optimize their savings to delve into the multifaceted realm of these discount cards and gain insight into the available varieties.


The NUS card is widely recognized in the UK, but some US businesses also accept it. It offers discounts on dining, shopping, and more.


The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is issued by the International Student Travel Confederation and is accepted in over 130 countries. It provides discounts on transportation, accommodations, entertainment, and more. Additionally, ISIC cardholders can access exclusive offers from online retailers like Amazon and eBay.


UNiDAYS is a digital student discount platform that partners with numerous businesses, allowing students to access exclusive deals, including restaurant discounts.

Student Advantage Card

This card is made just for students in the USA. It helps them save money when they use it for transportation, shopping, and eating out. So, if you’re a local restaurant trying to get more student customers, this card is perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prove my student status to access restaurant discounts?

To show that you are a student, you usually have to show an actual student ID card or one of those special discount cards at the restaurant. In some cases, they might also accept digital versions of these cards to verify your student status.

Are there specific days or times when student discounts are offered at restaurants?

The availability of student discounts varies by restaurant. Some may offer them on specific days or during certain hours, while others may have ongoing discounts.

Do all restaurants participate in student discount programs, or are there specific chains that offer these discounts?

Not all restaurants participate in student discount programs. It’s essential to check with individual restaurants to see if they offer student discounts. Some restaurant chains, especially those near college campuses, are more likely to provide student discounts.


Adding special student deals to your restaurant’s advertising plan can make a big difference. It lets you connect with students who are likely to eat at your place. You can also make good use of times when the restaurant isn’t very busy. This shows that you care about your local community.

To do this well, figure out who can get these best college student discounts and consider teaming up with well-known student discount card programs. By doing this, you’ll not only attract new customers but also create a good image in your neighborhood.

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