Proven Strategies for How to Promote Food in Your Restaurant

Do you have a restaurant or eatery that isn’t getting enough attention? If so, you need to start thinking of ways to improve your food marketing as a restaurant owner.

This article outlines several proven strategies that you can use to promote your delicious food and increase customer traffic in your restaurant.

From creating mouth-watering images and engaging posts on social media to hosting events and utilizing online ordering systems, there are many great ways to draw people in and promote food for your business.

So, if you’re a restaurant owner looking to learn how to promote food businesses, read on for the best tips and tricks for effectively marketing your restaurant’s delicious food!

Why are food promotions so effective?

How to Promote Food Effectively
How to Promote Food Effectively

Promotions are effective in the restaurant business because they can help to increase awareness of a food brand and attract customers to come and try the food. They can create a sense of urgency and exclusivity, encouraging customers to take advantage of the offer before it expires.

Promotions can also serve as a way to incentivize repeat business by offering discounts or rewards to regular customers. This can help build loyalty and ensure that customers keep returning to the restaurant.

Ultimately, promotions are effective in the restaurant industry because they can boost customer loyalty, raise brand awareness, and enhance traffic, which can result in higher sales for the restaurant.

How to promote food in 2023?

Promoting it is necessary if you’re planning to build a restaurant or already have an eatery business. Now, let’s look at how to promote food to make your restaurant successful.

Include a button for placing orders on the homepage of your website

Placing Orders on The Website
Placing Orders on The Website

One of the most effective ways to promote your food business is to include a button for placing orders directly on the homepage of your website.

This is especially useful for businesses that offer delivery services, as potential customers can place an order in a matter of minutes. The button should be easily accessible, clear, and prominent on the page, so visitors don’t have to search for it.

You can also add helpful details such as discounts or special offers for delivery orders, which will encourage more people to use your services.

Develop your restaurant’s brand identity

Develop Your Restaurant's Brand Identity
Develop Your Restaurant’s Brand Identity

A key element in promoting your restaurant is establishing a strong brand identity. Your restaurant can be distinguished from many other brands with an established brand identity. Moreover, it can help to create a consistent and recognizable image for your company, which is crucial for bringing in new clients and keeping existing ones.

Your business card is one of the first things to consider when developing your restaurant’s brand identity. Your business card should reflect your restaurant’s overall look and feel and include essential information such as your name, contact information, and location.

Another important aspect of developing your restaurant’s brand identity is establishing a consistent look and feel throughout your marketing materials. This includes everything from your menu to your website and social media profiles.

Set up your socials

Leverage Your Social Media Channels
Leverage Your Social Media Channels

Social media is an essential tool for promoting any food business online. By creating accounts on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok or Pinterest, you can showcase mouth-watering images of your dishes, provide access to your online menu and interact with your target audience.

Captivating visuals and engaging descriptions in your posts can attract and create curiosity in people about your food. When executed with a well-thought-out strategy, your restaurant’s food can gain the attention and recognition it deserves on social media platforms.

Add the ordering link on social media

Social Media for Restaurants
Social Media for Restaurants

Adding an ordering link on social media is a great way to promote your food business and increase customer convenience.

You can make it more comfortable for customers to order food from your restaurant by giving them a simple way to do it online. As more customers may simply place orders without physically visiting the restaurant, this can also allow your business to grow sales and money.

When adding the ordering link on social media, it’s important to make it visible and easy to find. This could include adding it to your restaurant’s bio or social media profile or in posts promoting your menu or specials. You can also use paid advertising or sponsored posts to drive traffic to the ordering link and increase visibility.

Turn your Facebook business page into a community

Turn Your Facebook Business Page Into a Community
Turn Your Facebook Business Page Into a Community

You can effectively advertise your food business and interact with your fans by building a community around it on Facebook. You can keep your customers interested and foster brand loyalty by providing frequent updates on new meals, deals, and events.

To gather customer input and ensure that their demands are addressed, you may also design polls and surveys.

Consider displaying customer testimonials on the platform to add a more individualized touch. You may use these techniques to make your Facebook page into a vibrant community that will increase the visibility and reputation of your restaurant.

Tap into audiences on Instagram

Instagram Restaurants
Instagram Restaurants

Instagram is a powerful platform that can be used to promote your food restaurant and tap into new audiences. Instagram is a visual-based platform that allows users to share photos and videos, making it the perfect platform to showcase your delicious dishes, ambience and promotions.

By creating a business account on Instagram, you can take advantage of features such as Instagram stories, IGTV and Instagram live to engage with customers, post behind-the-scenes content, and connect with influencers.

To effectively reach potential customers on Instagram, a strategic plan that aligns with your restaurant’s goals should be implemented. To do this, you might provide aesthetically appealing material, use hashtags and geotags to boost visibility and interact with your target audience by answering comments and direct messages.

Spread the word in your restaurant

Food Promo Displayed In Front of The Restaurant
Food Promo Displayed In Front of The Restaurant

To raise your profile and draw in new customers, your restaurant must be promoted actively, and spreading the word within your restaurant is one of the best methods to do this.

Think about leaving flyers at tables, putting up signs around the room, and hanging posters in appropriate locations. You could provide incentives like discounts or exclusive deals to entice customers to return.

You can also employ original tactics like holding live events or promoting only-to-social-media users’ offers; both can increase your restaurant’s awareness.

Set up your Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile
Google Business Profile

Creating a Google Business Profile is essential for promoting your restaurant, as it can be meant as Google officially recognizes your restaurant.

Check out our amazing Google Business Profile Checklist for your Restaurant guide with all information (updated to 2023) you need to perfectly optimise your listing.

By registering your restaurant on Google, you can make sure that potential customers can find accurate and up-to-date information about your business in Google Maps and Search.

Don’t forget to customize your profile with visually appealing images, helpful contact details, and customer reviews. It can enhance awareness of your restaurant, increase visibility on Google, and foster trust among potential customers.

Overall, setting up a Google Business Profile is vital in promoting your food business by making it more discoverable and trustworthy to the online community.

Offer exclusive discounts and promotions

Special Offers and Promotions
Special Offers and Promotions

Offering special deals and discounts can be used as one of marketing strategies for restaurants to get customers to dine at your restaurant and taste your food. For example, you can offer a free meal for first-time customers or a discount on their entire bill.

Another way to offer exclusive discounts and promotions is through loyalty programs. By creating a loyalty program, you can reward your regular customers for their patronage and encourage them to come back to your restaurant. You can also offer exclusive discounts and promotions to your social media followers or email subscribers.

When creating exclusive discounts and promotions, it’s important to make them time-sensitive and limited-time offers to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity. This can help to drive traffic to your restaurant and increase sales.

Use SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing
SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is also one of the most efficient marketing strategies for restaurants to promote food business by engaging customers directly on their phones.

It enables you to send promotional messages that include offers, discounts, announcements, and other notifications, which helps build brand awareness and drive customers to your restaurant. Moreover, it’s an affordable way to stay connected with your customers and strengthen relationships in the long run.

By sending personalized, time-sensitive, and relevant messages, you can increase the chances of conversion and retain customers. SMS marketing is a valuable tool for any restaurant looking to reach customers quickly, effectively, and cost-efficiently.

Consider creating an online ordering app

App for Restaurants
App for Restaurants

With an online ordering app for restaurants, customers can easily browse your menu, place orders, and make payments from their smartphones. This can help to increase sales and revenue for your restaurant, as more customers will be able to place orders easily.

Moreover, an online ordering app can be a great way to compete with other delivery businesses and attract customers who prefer the convenience of ordering food online.

It’s essential to create an online ordering app that is simple to use and navigate. This could include functions like the capacity to save previous orders, accessibility to user account data, and the capacity to track order status. To reach the largest audience possible, it’s also crucial to ensure the app is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.

Partner with local influencers

Partner With Influencers & Food Bloggers
Partner With Influencers & Food Bloggers

Influencers usually have a large following, which is why the public trusts their reviews. Their recommendations and promotions can help your restaurant to reach new audiences.

Food bloggers, for example, are known for their expertise in food. By partnering with them, you can showcase your menu, ambience and promotions to their followers who are likely to be interested in your restaurant.

When partnering with local influencers, choosing influencers who align with your brand values and target audience is essential. You can also collaborate with them to create engaging and authentic content that showcases your restaurant in the best possible light. For example, you can invite them for a complimentary meal in exchange for a review or ask them to create a video or photo post featuring your menu.

Create a loyalty program

Loyalty Programs
Loyalty Programs

Creating a loyalty program is a powerful strategy to market your restaurant. By offering rewards, discounts and other incentives, you can encourage loyal customers to keep coming back.

A loyalty program can also provide valuable customer information that can be used to personalize marketing messages and promotions, increasing their effectiveness. It can also help build relationships with customers, fostering a sense of community and loyalty around your restaurant.

Use appetizing photos in your promotional materials

Take Amazing Photos of Your Restaurant's Food
Take Amazing Photos of Your Restaurant’s Food

Using appetizing photos in your promotional materials is a highly effective way to entice customers to try your food. High-quality, visually appealing images of your dishes can create a sense of hunger and desire in customers, making them more likely to visit your restaurant.

These photos should be taken by a professional to showcase the dishes in the best possible light and should be used on your website, social media, menus, and other promotional materials.

When using appetizing photos in your promotional materials, it’s important to consider the composition and lighting of the images. The pictures should highlight the key elements of the dishes, such as the textures, colours, and presentation.

Photos that capture the ambience of your restaurant, such as the decor, lighting, and atmosphere, can also help create a sense of excitement and anticipation in customers.

Seasonal events

Hosting Seasonal Events
Hosting Seasonal Events

If you’re the type of owner who likes to host events in restaurants, this method fits you.

Hosting seasonal events is an excellent way to promote your restaurant and capture customers’ attention. You can create exciting menus, promotions, and activities tailored to the season, such as pumpkin-inspired dishes during the fall or comfort food during the winter.

These activities build anticipation among customers and increase brand awareness and loyalty by highlighting flavours and ingredients that are unique to your restaurant.

Besides promotional events, you can also host events such as wine tastings, cooking classes, or live music to attract customers. These events can be tailored to the season and can provide an opportunity for customers to experience your restaurant uniquely and engagingly.

Invest in newspaper and billboard advertising

Invest in Newspaper Advertising
Invest in Newspaper Advertising

Investing in traditional forms of advertising, such as newspaper and billboard ads, can also be a great way to market your restaurant. Newspaper ads can reach a broad audience quickly, while billboards allow you to target individuals close to your restaurant.

Both newspaper and billboard ads allow sharing of visuals and engaging messages that promote your brand. They can showcase mouth-watering images of your dishes and specials, as well as provide important information about your restaurant, such as location, hours of operation and contact information.

Start a food truck

Food Truck as a Restaurant Marketing Strategy
Food Truck as a Restaurant Marketing Strategy

Food trucks are mobile, allowing you to take your food to different locations, events and festivals, where you can reach a wider audience. It also allows you to test new menu items and see which dishes are popular among customers before introducing them to your restaurant menu.

A food truck also allows you to create a unique and memorable experience for customers. You can create a unique atmosphere and branding for your food truck, which can help to attract customers and make your food stand out.

Partner up with delivery services


Creating a partnership with food delivery services can effectively promote your restaurant and increase sales. You can reach customers who might otherwise be unable to visit your restaurant in person by collaborating with a delivery service.

Displaying your menu items on food delivery platforms with attractive graphics and detailed descriptions can help you capitalize on the growing food delivery trend. By appealingly showcasing your dishes, you can increase sales and enhance brand recognition through this type of marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I increase foot traffic to my restaurant?

There are several ways to increase foot traffic to your restaurant. One effective strategy is to offer discounts or promotions to attract customers. Hosting events or special menus can also create a sense of excitement and anticipation among customers. This can include wine tastings, cooking classes, or live music events.

Having an online presence through social media, website and online ordering can also boost foot traffic to your restaurant. By setting up a website and social media, you can make it easy for customers to find information about your restaurant.

Partnering with local influencers such as food bloggers can also be a great help to reach new audiences, increase visibility and promote your restaurant.

How can I use email marketing to promote my food business?

You can do email marketing for restaurants to announce new menu items, upcoming events, and promotional offers.

Email campaigns provide valuable data on customer engagement and behaviours that can help you create more effective strategies in the future. It’s important to ensure that all emails are sent with permission from the recipient and follow all applicable regulations for spam protection.


Promoting food in a restaurant requires a combination of various strategies, such as creating an attractive menu, using social media, offering discounts and deals, and providing excellent customer service.

Combining online and offline promotion strategies will help you reach more people and drive more customers into your restaurant. Plus, it’s crucial to regularly review and modify your promotion plans to make sure they’re efficient and appropriate for your target audience.

Hopefully, by reading this article, you’ll understand better how to promote food for your restaurant.

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Andrea Abbondanza is a passionate food lover and the CEO of Seo for Restaurants. With his rich culinary background and deep understanding of online marketing strategies, Andrea helps restaurants and cafes worldwide elevate their online presence and increase

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