Double the Impact: BOGO Promotion Tips for Restaurants

As customers are always on the hunt for the best bang for their buck, it’s vital for restaurants to come up with innovative methods to draw in and keep patrons. A popular approach that has emerged is the Buy One, Get One (BOGO) offer.

But how can you ensure your BOGO deals do more than just bring customers through the door but also encourage them to come back?

We’ll share proven BOGO promotion tactics and practical advice to help boost your promotions and engage customers. Ready to enhance your promotional activities? Read on!

What is BOGO Promotion?

Buy One Get One
Buy One Get One

A BOGO Promotion, short for “Buy One, Get One,” is a marketing strategy widely used in retail and food industries. It involves offering customers two products for the price of one, or sometimes for the price of the more expensive item if the two products are not identical.

The goal of this promotion is to entice customers with perceived increased value, stimulate product interest, and ultimately increase sales. It’s an effective tool for clearing inventory and encouraging customers to try new products.

Considerations for Using a Buy One Take One

“Buy One Take One” deals can be a game-changer for businesses. But before jumping in, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons. Read on!

Low-cost entrees

Cheeseburger Fries
Cheeseburger Fries

Using low-cost entrees in BOGO promotions, due to their lower production cost, can maintain profitability even when offered in a BOGO deal. For instance, Wendy’s has offered a BOGO deal for $1 on items like Dave’s Single, Spicy Chicken sandwich, and 10 PC Nuggets. The extra portion of these menus doesn’t cost much to provide to customers.


A woman making a contactless payment
A woman making a contactless payment

Implementing a BOGO promotion often includes conditions such as time limits, product restrictions, quantity caps, and combo deals. These conditions, which are set to manage costs and inventory while maximizing promotional benefits, should be clearly communicated to customers to prevent confusion.

Step-by-step to run BOGO promotions

So, are you really considering running a BOGO promotion? Check out our step-by-step guide below to get started!

Form a target audience for the promotion

Restaurant Target Audience
Restaurant Target Audience

To start out, identify the group of target customers most likely to respond to your restaurant’s BOGO promotion. This could be regular patrons, local residents, families, students, or office workers, depending on the restaurant’s location and offerings.

Understanding the target audience’s preferences, dining habits, and peak dining times can help tailor the promotion to their needs, making it more effective. The aim is to attract customers who will take advantage of the promotion and potentially become regular customers.

Bring in a sense of urgency to your BOGO promotions

A Person Scanning QR Codes for Payment
A Person Scanning QR Codes for Payment

Creating urgency is a key component in running BOGO promotions effectively for restaurants. Thus, don’t let your BOGO promotion run for too long. Instead, limit the availability of the offer to certain hours or days or until supplies last.

This strategy encourages customers to act swiftly to benefit from the deal before it’s gone, thus driving immediate sales and increasing customer traffic during off-peak times.

Leverage your social media platforms and website

Social media and food
Social media and food

Using your website and social media is crucial for effective BOGO promotions in restaurants. These platforms enable quick and efficient sharing of promotional details to a broad audience. For example:

  • Instagram: Instagram restaurants are great for visually showcasing products.
  • Facebook: Facebook advertising offers a variety of promotional tools to reach a wide audience.
  • TikTok: TikTok marketing is ideal for short, creative videos promoting your BOGO offers.
  • Twitter: Good for timely promotions due to its real-time nature.

Similarly, regular updates on your website with the latest offers can attract more customers. Moreover, encouraging customers to share their experiences with the promotion boosts visibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are BOGO sales effective?

BOGO sales can be effective in increasing sales, attracting attention, and encouraging larger orders when executed properly.

What are the benefits of BOGO pricing?

BOGO pricing can increase sales volume, attract new customers, clear out inventory, and potentially boost customer loyalty by providing perceived value.

Is BOGO better than 50% off?

It depends on the context, but generally, a BOGO offer can seem more attractive to customers as they get an extra item, while a 50% off deal reduces the price of a single item to half price.


BOGO promotions hold immense potential in the restaurant industry. When properly executed and paid attention to the considerations, they can draw in new patrons, increase revenue, enhance customer loyalty, and amplify your marketing impact twofold.

However, successful BOGO promotions are not just about providing free items. They’re about crafting an unforgettable experience that keeps customers wanting more. It’s all about cleverly presenting your offer to make it impossible to resist and tactically timing your promotions for maximum effect.

So, whether you’re a cozy cafe or a widespread franchise, consider adopting these tried-and-true BOGO promotion strategies. If you need help optimizing your restaurant visibility, contact us at SEO for Restaurants now!

Andrea Abbondanza

Andrea Abbondanza, born in Milan (Italy) and now a proud Australian citizen, is a passionate food lover and the dynamic CEO of With his rich culinary background and deep understanding of online marketing strategies, Andrea helps restaurants and cafes around the world elevate their online presence. His journey from Italy to Australia has infused his work with a unique blend of European flair and Aussie charm, making him a go-to resource for cafes and restaurants looking to elevate their digital presence and grow their businesses.

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Andrea Abbondanza is a passionate food lover and the CEO of Seo for Restaurants. With his rich culinary background and deep understanding of online marketing strategies, Andrea helps restaurants and cafes worldwide elevate their online presence and increase

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