From Bollywood to Your Plate: Why is Indian Food Popular?

Indian cuisine has taken the world by storm with its rich and diverse flavors and aromas. From the streets of Mumbai to Michelin-starred restaurants in London, Indian food has become a global sensation.

But why is Indian food popular? Is it the use of exotic spices and herbs or the unique combination of flavors? Ahead, we’ll explore the rise of Indian cuisine and discover the reasons behind its popularity. Read on!

Variety of Choices

Assorted Indian food on a wooden table
Assorted Indian food on a wooden table

The first answer to the “Why is Indian food popular” question is its variety of choices. India is a melting pot of diverse religions, cultures, and customs, reflected in its diverse culinary heritage. Traditional Indian food is a harmonious blend of various cooking styles, ranging from fiery hot phaal curry to crisp, aromatic masala dosa.

Each state in India has its distinct culinary traditions, which dictate the preparation of a dish, and even the most humble ingredients are transformed into delightful and aromatic dishes.

Hence, one can experience an explosion of flavors and aromas, as each region’s cooking techniques are vastly different, even though the ingredients may be the same.

The Rich Taste and Ingredient Combinations

A set of Indian spices and herbs in an Indian map shape
A set of Indian spices and herbs in an Indian map shape

Another remarkable feature of Indian cuisine is its unwavering emphasis on blending spices and ingredients to produce distinctive flavors that have won people’s hearts.

Indian people mix ingredients and spices to achieve the perfect balance of taste and richness that characterize their dishes.

What makes it more remarkable is that whether you have dietary restrictions or suffer from allergies, there’s always a substitute to ensure that everyone enjoys the same rich aroma and flavor — that’s how rich their combinations are.

Putting Health on the Table

A set of natural spices and herbs
A set of natural spices and herbs

Most Indian dishes use natural ingredients instead of processed ones.

For instance, restaurants often purchase pre-processed and blended spice mixes from stores when preparing non-Indian dishes. In contrast, Indian restaurants that serve Indian dishes typically use freshly sourced ingredients that are ground, chopped, and mixed in-house during food preparation.

This strengthens the claim that Indian food puts health on the table. On top of that, a wide range of variations is available, including vegetarian, vegan, and allergy-friendly options so that everyone can enjoy their mouthful of Indian cuisine just fine.

Its Simplicity

Aloo Paratha
Aloo Paratha

Indian cuisine is often regarded as complex, but with the right guidance from books or videos and the appropriate ingredients, anyone can prepare their favorite Indian dish easily.

However, the process may be challenging, as some recipes involve numerous steps or extended cooking times, such as marinating meat overnight — it will be worth the effort, though.


Makar Sankranti festival
Makar Sankranti festival

The last answer to the “Why is Indian food popular?” question is its diversity. As the most populated nation in the world, India boasts a rich diversity of cultures, each with its own distinct history and cuisine. The result? A wide array of delectable regional dishes.

Western India is known for its delicious roti, dals, sabzi assortments, and delicacies like sorpotel, egg moile, and duck baffad.

Meanwhile, Northern India is home to many crowd-pleasing specialties, including Kashmiri cuisine featuring rice and green leafy vegetables, Mughal-inspired dishes, and a variety of baked bread such as tandoori roti, naan, and rumali roti.

This culinary diversity stems from the wide range of crops cultivated nationwide and the various festivals celebrated yearly.

For instance, the famous January festival of Makar Sankranti offers a perfect opportunity to sample some of India’s traditional sweets made from jaggery and til.

Thus, whether you’re a seafood lover, vegetarian, vegan, or meat eater, Indian cuisine offers many recipes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which country loves Indian food most?

Indian food is widely loved by many people worldwide. However, it’s very popular in the United Kingdom.

Is Indian food an acquired taste?

For first-timers, Indian food might be an acquired taste, especially with its rich, spicy flavor.

Is Indian or Chinese food more popular?

Both Indian and Chinese food is widely popular worldwide. However, a 2021 survey by CNN stated that China placed higher than India in terms of food popularity.


Overall, India is a country rich in culture and full of flavorful dishes. If people ask, “Why is Indian food popular?” the answers are easy: its multitude of flavors, simplicity, diversity, and healthy and rich ingredients make it an incredibly popular cuisine worldwide, competing on a level with some of the most appreciated cuisines.

So the next time you’re looking for something unique and delicious, don’t forget to look into popular Indian food or popular Indian appetizers! You never know; you may find your next favorite dish there.

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Andrea Abbondanza is a passionate food lover and the CEO of Seo for Restaurants. With his rich culinary background and deep understanding of online marketing strategies, Andrea helps restaurants and cafes worldwide elevate their online presence and increase

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