A Thirst for Culture: What are the Most Popular Asian Drinks?

Asians have always had a reputation for having a unique food and drink culture, with a wide range of refreshing and culturally significant beverages.

From teh tarik to sake, Asian drinks have become increasingly popular in recent years. But what are the most popular Asian drinks? Join us on this journey through the world of Asian drinks!

7 Popular Asian Beverages To Try During Summer

Check out our curated list of popular drinks from Asia below to get answers to your “What are the most popular Asian drinks?” question!



Sake is a Japanese alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice. It is often served chilled or warmed in small cups or glasses and can range in flavor from sweet to dry.

The production process involves rice is polished to remove the outer layer, then steamed and fermented with the addition of yeast. Sake can have a high alcohol content but is known for its smooth texture and delicate taste.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

The making of Vietnamese Iced Coffee
The making of Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Vietnamese iced coffee, also known as Cà phê sữa đá, is a popular and refreshing coffee beverage that originated in Vietnam. It combines strong brewed coffee with sweet condensed milk, which is then poured over ice.

The coffee is typically brewed using a phin filter, which is a small metal drip filter that sits on top of the cup or glass. Adding condensed milk gives the beverage a creamy texture and a rich, caramel-like flavor.

Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane Juice
Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane juice is a refreshing sweet drink made by crushing the stalks of sugarcane and extracting the sweet liquid. This drink is often sold by Asian street vendors who use special machines to extract and serve the drink.

It has a sweet, grassy flavor that is enjoyed by many. It can be consumed on its own or mixed with other fruits, such as lime or ginger, to create a unique and flavorful beverage.

Teh Tarik

Teh Tarik
Teh Tarik

Teh Tarik is a popular tea beverage that originated in Malaysia and can be found in many Southeast Asian countries. The term “tarik” means “pull” in Malay and refers to the process of creating the signature frothiness of the tea.

It is made using black tea and condensed milk that is frothed up by “pulling” the mixture back and forth between two containers. This gives the tea a creamy and frothy texture that sets it apart from regular milk tea.

Korean Sikhye

Korean Sikhye
Korean Sikhye

Korean Sikhye is a traditional sweet rice beverage that’s beloved by many. It’s made by pouring malt water onto cooked rice until rice grains appear on the surface. Sometimes, it contains pine nuts or grains of cooked rice.

Sikhye is not only a refreshing drink, but it’s also considered to have health benefits and is a popular beverage for hot summer days.

Cha Yen

Cha Yen
Cha Yen

Cha Yen, also known as Thai Iced Tea, is a popular beverage in Thailand and worldwide. It is a sweet and creamy tea brewed with black tea leaves and a mix of spices like star anise and cloves.

The tea is usually sweetened with condensed milk and sugar and served over ice. The vibrant orange hue of the drink comes from the addition of food coloring, which is commonly used in Thailand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do Chinese drink the most?

One of the drinks that the Chinese drink the most is baijiu, a distilled liquor. Typically, it contains 35% and 60% alcohol by volume (ABV).

What is the Japanese people’s favorite drink?

The Japanese people’s favorite drink is sake, also known as Japanese rice wine. It’s made by fermenting polished, bran-free rice.

What is Korean alcohol called?

Korean alcohol, in general, is called sul (술). The variations include rice wines, distilled liquors, fruit wines, beer, and many more.


All in all, countless beverages from Asian cultures have become favorites. Whether you prefer the coffee beans of Vietnam or the teh tarik of Malaysia, your choices are limitless.

With such a variety of flavors and uses, exploring Asian beverages is an enjoyable way to learn about this part of the world’s history and its numerous health benefits. So grab your tumbler, make yourself some delicious chai, prepare some popular Asian food, sit back, and indulge in interesting cultural knowledge by tasting our way around Asia!

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Andrea Abbondanza is a passionate food lover and the CEO of Seo for Restaurants. With his rich culinary background and deep understanding of online marketing strategies, Andrea helps restaurants and cafes worldwide elevate their online presence and increase

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