Dessert Bliss: What Are the Most Famous Malaysian Desserts?

If you’re a food enthusiast looking to explore the vibrant cuisine of Malaysia, you can’t miss out on their delectable desserts. With a multicultural population, Malaysian desserts reflect the country’s rich history and diverse influences. But what are the most famous Malaysian desserts?

From creamy red bean soup to soft kuih lapis, Malaysian desserts are a treat for your taste buds. Ahead, we’ll take you on a virtual journey through the most famous Malaysian desserts. Keep reading!

Best Desserts You Need to Try in Malaysia

Are you a sweet tooth? Then Malaysia is the perfect destination for you! What are the most famous Malaysian desserts? Let’s explore some of the best ones!

Red Bean Soup

Red Bean Soup
Red Bean Soup

Red Bean Soup is a Malaysian sweet dessert often served after meals or as a sweet snack. This sweet soup is made by boiling red beans with palm sugar and pandan leaves until soft and creamy.

Some dish variations may also include glutinous rice balls, coconut milk, or yam. Not only is this soup delicious, but it’s also considered a healthy dessert due to red beans’ high fiber and protein content.

Bubur Cha Cha

Bubur Cha Cha (Photo by Choo Yut Shing on Flickr)
Bubur Cha Cha

Bubur Cha Cha combines sweet and savory flavors. This colorful dessert is made with a blend of yam, sweet potatoes, coconut milk, and sago pearls. The ingredients are cooked together in the coconut milk. Sometimes, other ingredients like grated coconut, coconut cream, and water are also added.

The addition of fragrant pandan leaves gives Bubur Cha Cha a distinct aroma that adds to the dessert’s charm. Depending on one’s preference, this dessert can be served cold or hot.

Apam Balik

Apam Balik
Apam Balik

Apam balik, also known as kuih haji or terang bulan, is a pancake-like dessert made with a batter that consists of flour, sugar, and eggs and is cooked on a hot griddle until it forms a crispy exterior.

The batter is then filled with a sweet mixture of crushed peanuts, sugar, and creamy corn, before being folded to create a half-moon shape. Some modern innovations include fillings such as grated cheese and chocolate sprinkles.

Ais Kacang

Ais Kacang (Photo by Alpha on Flickr)
Ais Kacang

Malaysian Ais Kacang, also known as ABC (Air Batu Campur), is a popular and refreshing dessert for a hot day. This colorful dessert consists of shaved ice, sweet corn, red beans, grass jelly, and other toppings; all topped with a generous drizzle of evaporated milk and syrup.

Some versions of Ais Kacang may also include fruit cocktails, attap chee (palm fruit), mango puree, roasted peanuts, or cubes of agar agar as common ingredients.

Kuih Lapis

Kuih Lapis
Kuih Lapis

Kuih Lapis is a popular and colorful Malaysian dessert often served during special occasions or festivals. This multi-layered dessert is made by steaming a mixture of rice flour, tapioca starch, and coconut milk, which is then layered with various bright and vibrant colors. Each layer is cooked and colored separately, creating a beautiful rainbow effect.

This dessert has a sweet and slightly chewy texture with coconut and pandan flavors. Some versions of kuih lapis may also include different flavors such as chocolate, pandan, or durian.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular cake in Malaysia?

The most popular cake in Malaysia is the classic Pandan Cake. This light and fluffy cake is made with fresh pandan juice, which gives it a vibrant green color and a distinct aroma. This cake is typically enjoyed as a sweet treat or snack and is often served with a cup of hot tea or coffee.

What is Malaysian pudding?

Malaysian pudding, also known as agar-agar, is a jelly-like dessert popular in Malaysia and throughout Southeast Asia. It’s made by boiling a mixture of agar-agar powder, sugar, and water, which is then poured into a mold and allowed to set. It’s often served chilled as a refreshing dessert or snack.

What is Malaysia’s signature dessert?

Malaysia’s signature dessert is arguably the sweet and creamy Durian Cake. This unique cake is made with layers of soft sponge cake, fresh durian flesh, and whipped cream, resulting in a decadent and indulgent dessert.


In summary, traditional Malaysian desserts offer diverse flavors, textures, and cultural influences. From the refreshing Ais Kacang to the multi-layered Kuih Lapis, each dessert is unique and showcases Malaysia’s rich culinary heritage—they’re rich in taste, vibrant in color, and appealing to the eyes!

When in Malaysia, exploring the world of Malaysian desserts is a must-try experience that will broaden your culinary horizons. Don’t miss the chance to indulge in some popular Malaysian foods and sweets and discover the sweet side of this beautiful country.

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Andrea Abbondanza is a passionate food lover and the CEO of Seo for Restaurants. With his rich culinary background and deep understanding of online marketing strategies, Andrea helps restaurants and cafes worldwide elevate their online presence and increase

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