Best Google Business Profile Post Ideas for Restaurants 2023

With the ability to reach users searching for services near them, post images and videos, and create events that generate interest, Google Business Profile (GBP), is an invaluable tool for local businesses of all sizes, including restaurants.

However, having a GBP account is merely a start. If you’re looking to engage and interact with customersGBP posts are a must.

At first, it can be pretty tricky to create posts according to Google’s constant updates that will eventually cater to your audience properly. But we have some tips to follow! This post will explore the best Google Business Profile post ideas and how they can help your restaurant business catch more attention. Read on!

Benefits of Posting on Google Business Profile

Benefits of Posting on Google Business Profile
Benefits of Posting on Google Business Profile

Google My Business, aka Google Business Profile, has long been an essential platform for businesses, including restaurants, to expose themselves to the world and eventually attract potential customers. Hence, there are several benefits that you can get from posting on GBP, including:

  • Reach users searching for services near your business
  • Showcase your business with photos and videos
  • Increase brand visibility in Google’s Local Pack
  • Generate interest with event postings
  • Enhance SEO rankings with fresh content
  • Create engaging posts with carousel and collection features

Why Do You Even Need a Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile is a compelling online platform that allows you to showcase your business and deliver a great customer experience. By opening up a Google Business Profile, potential customers will see your place when they search for your business or similar businesses in the area. Plus, they will click on your business on Google Maps.

For instance:

Google My Business Profile
Google Business Profile

Visitors to your Google Business Profile are already potential customers — those looking to use your services or buy your products. Even if they haven’t committed to visiting you yet, you can convince them that you’re the better choice over competing businesses. It’s easy because there is already an intention to purchase.

You can persuade their purchase intention by creating an appealing profile with engaging Google posts, from good reviews to relevant photos and updates.

An active Google Business Profile can also boost your local SEO ranking, helping you appear higher in searches in your area. Also, customers nowadays are doing much more research before eating out; hence this will ease them.

In short, consider your Google Business Profile the initial contact point with your customers and a way to meet their expectations before they even visit your place.

Are Google Business Profile Posts Free?

Google My Business Posts Free
Google Business Profile Posts Free

Yes, everything about Google Business Profile posts is 100% free, including the posts. The post features allow businesses to share updates, events, offers, and more through their GBP profile.

What’s more exciting is that GBP posts appear in both search results and on a business’s GBP page, providing additional information that potential customers can use when deciding which restaurants or shops to visit.

What are The Types of Google Business Profile Posts?

Types of Google My Business Posts
Types of Google Business Profile Posts

Google post has several types that businesses can utilize. Some of the types of GBP posts are:

  • Updates: to share updates, news, or other relevant information
  • Events: to promote upcoming events happening at or related to the business
  • Offers & Promotions: to advertise discounts and promotions
  • Products: to highlight products being sold by the business
  • Reviews: share stories from customers
  • FAQ: provide answers to things that the customers usually ask

How To Create The Best Google Business Profile Posts (12 Simple Steps)

Are you ready to elevate your Google Business Profile? Start by posting appealing posts. Check out our guide below!

1. Special Offers

Special Offers
Special Offers

Customers love special offers! Let them know you have special offers by posting on Google Business Profile. Don’t forget to write a catchy headline, dates, and relevant pictures, so they know exactly what the offers are and when to come to your place.

2. Product and Service Offers

Product and Service Offers
Product and Service Offers

Let your customers in on the excitement by letting them know about any new or seasonal menu you have available, such as Gnocchi Bowl or espresso martini. That way, they will be informed before they come to your business and may even look for exactly what you offer when they’re searching online.

3. Updates on Opening Hours

Updates on Opening Hours
Updates on Opening Hours

Update your opening hours to reflect any changes, closures, or new hours of operation. This feature benefits customers searching for your restaurant, as they will receive the most up-to-date information they need to make an informed decision.

4. Create a Content Factory For GBP

Create a Content Factory For GMB
Create a Content Factory For GBP

Creating a content factory for Google Business Profile posts effectively keeps customers informed, engaged, and coming back for more.

This can be done by automating certain processes, such as creating templates for regular posts or setting schedules that allow you to generate new content in advance. This approach gives you the ability to track metrics and analyze the success of their posts over time.

5. Write a Headline That is Actionable

A Headline That is Actionable
A Headline That is Actionable

Crafting headlines that draw customers in and encourage action is an essential part of creating engaging content. When writing headlines, keep them concise and informative, so readers know exactly what your post is about without having to read the details.

To make sure they stand out, you can employ creative ad-writing techniques such as alliteration, puns, or wordplay to capture a customer’s attention quickly within the character limit.

6. Insert Educational Content

Insert Educational Content
Insert Educational Content

Providing educational content on products or services can be a great way to engage customers. For example, a post featuring the difference between an Italian Suppli and an Arancini could provide customers with valuable information while also giving them an easy call-to-action (CTA) button linking straight to the booking website. This ensures that customers can find the help they need quickly and easily.

7. Post Regularly

Post Regularly
Post Regularly

In fact, Google Business Profile posts expire after a week. Thus, if you want to build trust with customers and keep them coming back, make sure to update your posts frequently. To make this easier for yourself, set up social media scheduling tools to automatically post GBP updates on a regular basis. By clicking “View More”, customers can still access older posts that have been archived.

8. Use High-quality Pictures or Videos

High-quality Picture of Pancakes
High-quality Picture of Pancakes

Using high-quality pictures or videos for Google Business Profile (GBP) posts can help capture your customers’ attention and push them to take action. This can be an effective way to drive engagement and create a better customer experience.

On the flip hand, avoid using blurry, pixelated pictures as the customers might perceive your business to be sketchy and unworthy to try.

9. Keep The Text Short

Keep The Text Short
Keep The Text Short

Making use of all the 1,500 characters Google Business Profile allows can be a big mistake. Posts should have fewer than 300 characters as this is more likely to keep viewers’ attention and ensure all critical information is visible without the need for additional clicks.

10. Insert Keyword on Your Post


Incorporating keywords and phrases that would appeal to searchers is key when crafting GBP posts — this will help ensure relevancy. When finding the right words, try thinking from the perspective of your potential customers and choose keywords that stand out.

11. Optimize Landing Page

Optimize Landing Page
Optimize Landing Page

Before publishing a GBP post, it’s essential to make sure that the landing page is optimized for users. Whether linking to a blog, directing visitors to a lead capture page, or an online booking page, the page should be user-friendly and have strong alignment with the post. Also, it should be clear and easy to find what action users are expected to take next.

12. Don’t Forget to Proofread


All posts on Google Business Profile should be honest, relevant, and straightforward, with no intention to wrongfully deceive or take advantage of users. Also, it is crucial to make sure that the content is well-written and free of spelling errors. Otherwise, your post might get taken down — or else users will find you unprofessional.

To ensure accuracy and relevancy, proofreading all the information before publishing will go a long way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I respond to customer reviews on my Google Business Profile listing?

It’s easy to reply to Google Reviews from a desktop or laptop.

You’ll need to first log into your account on the GBP page, then select your business listing and click “Reviews”. From there, you can choose the Google reviews that you wish to answer and type out your response in the text box provided. After previewing your response, click “Reply’ to post it for customers to see.

Make sure to respond in a timely manner in a polite and professional way when responding. Plus, thank the customer for taking the time to leave feedback and ensure that you never criticize or attack the reviewer.

Can I use Google Business Profile to connect with customers through messaging?

Can I use Google Business Profile to connect with customers through messaging?

Yes, you can use Google Business Profile to connect with customers through messaging. To enable the messaging feature, log into your GBP page, select your business listing and click “Info’ from the menu on the left side. Then scroll down to the Messaging section and switch messaging on.

After that, customers will be able to send messages via Google Maps, Search, and other surfaces across the web.

How can I see customer questions and answers on my Google Business Profile listing?

You can see customer questions and answers on your Google Business Profile listing by going to the GBP page and selecting your business listing. Then, click ‘Reviews’ from the menu on the left side. From there, you’ll be able to see any answers that customers have provided to questions asked by other customers, as well as any responses you have made.

Can I track customer engagement on my Google Business Profile listing?

Yes, you can track customer engagement on your Google Business Profile listing in a few different ways.

For starters, you can use the Insights dashboard to get an overview of how your customers are engaging with your profile. This includes stats like views, follows, searches, and direction requests.

You can also set up custom notifications for when customers leave reviews or post photos. This will help you stay up-to-date on any updates about your business that customers may post.

How can I use Google Business Profile to promote deals or special offers to customers?

You can use Google Business Profile to promote deals and special offers to customers in several ways.

First, you can post a business update on your profile, announcing the deal or offer to your followers. You can also use this post to link to a website or landing page with more details about the promotion.

Google allows businesses to add offers and deals directly to their profiles as well. This way, customers can redeem them without leaving the listing. Make sure to include all critical information as well as any restrictions that may apply.

You can also take advantage of Google Ads and create campaigns that target people who have searched for your business or interacted with it on Google Maps.


All in all, utilizing Google Business Profile posts is an excellent way to increase your visibility online and connect with customers in your area. By creating informative, engaging, and well-written Google posts, you can attract attention from people who are searching for businesses like yours.

These restaurant promotion ideas via Google Business Profile posts should help you get started thinking about how you can use GBP posts to reach more customers and grow your business. To enhance the results, you can also use the help of other restaurant review sites to broaden your business wings.

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