Restaurant Marketing Tips in Australia 2023

Amidst the rapid growth of the restaurant industry in Australia, restaurant owners must conduct proper marketing strategies to survive in the market. By using efficient marketing techniques, restaurants may increase their client base and develop loyalty.

As an online presence is essential for attracting consumers, digital marketing should be the strategy’s focus. There are a lot of strategies for Australian restaurants to achieve their target demographic, including SEO for restaurants, email blasts, local campaigns, and social media outreach.

Driving consumers to restaurants with balanced offline and online strategies may help build a stable foundation for regular clients to visit your place repeatedly. This way, you will gain tons of benefits.

Ahead, we have compiled the essential restaurant marketing tips to boost your business’ presence and revenue. Interested in knowing more? Read on!

What is a Restaurant Marketing Tip?

what is restaurant marketing tip
What is a Restaurant Marketing Tip

Before we jump into the marketing tip for a restaurant, let’s take a glance at what restaurant marketing is.

Restaurant marketing involves presenting the concept of your restaurant or food service and your services to the general public in an effort to gain their attention. It contributes significantly to a restaurant brand’s development and, eventually, the restaurant’s revenue.

In planning a marketing strategy for a restaurant, you should follow certain tips to boost the action and reach the maximum result. Therefore, every restaurant owner needs to understand some important tips to be able to do marketing for their restaurant accurately.

Why is a Restaurant Marketing Tip Important?

Why is a Restaurant Marketing Tip Important
Why is a Restaurant Marketing Tip Important

Restaurant owners who want to remain ahead of the competition and keep their customers engaged should follow restaurant marketing tips.

By utilizing today’s digital technology and platforms, like social media and email campaigns, restaurants can reach a wider audience with more targeted messaging. Through these tools, they are able to better connect with customers in meaningful ways that create loyalty and brand recognition.

Further, understanding key analytics, such as click-through rates, provides valuable insight into customer preferences and engagement levels. This information enables restaurants to make informed decisions on what to promote or change in order to drive continuous success.

Restaurant marketing tips also assist owners of restaurants in keeping their finger on the pulse of restaurant industry trends and developing innovative methods for remaining ahead of the competition.

10 Restaurant Marketing Tips

Ahead, we have compiled the ten essential restaurant marketing ideas for your place. Read on!

1. Add Reservation Links to Google Business

Add Reservation Links to Google Business
Add Reservation Links to Google Business

If you’ve been keeping up with the current trend, you must know that there are other places besides Yelp to look for restaurant information. Instead, people started to switch to Google.

In fact, Google has become the main source of information about anything, including restaurants. That’s why restaurant owners have started registering with Google My Business (GMB) to make it easier for customers to find and engage with their sites.

Once you’ve registered your place to Google Business and started utilizing Google’s Open Graph and local discovery, you should consider how GMB can start generating more revenue.

By taking reservations directly from their GMB page, restaurants can easily add a link to their website or reservation system that enables customers to book without any hassle.

This simple addition has been proven to increase online reservations by 20%, so it’s a great tip for increasing business revenue.

2. Work on the Presentation of Dishes to Look More “Instagrammable”

"Instagrammable" dishes
“Instagrammable” dishes

Nowadays, people are all about the ‘gram. It has reached the point where restaurants are starting to present their dishes to look more “Instagrammable”.

In fact, dishes with appealing presentations can attract customers to come to your restaurant. How does it work?

Usually, when a customer is served well-presented dishes, they take photos and upload them on their social media accounts, including Instagram. Some even use hashtags, such as #FoodPorn or #Foodstagram, that enable other users to view their posts, hence the free social media marketing moment.

By consistently creating unique, “Instagrammable” dishes, restaurants can take advantage of free social media promotion and potentially reach a whole new audience each time.

Nailing this technique requires coming up with an innovative idea that has the potential to go viral if it catches on — making it one of the most powerful marketing strategies for restaurants available.

3. Improve Local Discovery Online, aka SEO

Improve Local Discovery Online
Improve Local Discovery Online

Did you know that the “restaurants near me” keyword popularity in Australia has increased from early to the end of 2022? In fact, it most likely will increase from time to time in the future.

This data strengthens the statement that making your restaurant discoverable online is essential by using the right marketing strategy, local SEO. Here are some of the ways to boost your restaurant’s online presence:

  1. Claim and optimize Google My Business listing
  2. Optimize your website for SEO
  3. Get active on social media
  4. Ask customers for online reviews
  5. Leverage local directories

4. Use the Restaurant Marketing Framework

Improve Local Discovery Online
Restaurant Marketing Framework

Restaurant promotion ideas will work better if you have a neat marketing framework. A framework provides an organized approach to structuring and dividing marketing activities into smaller pieces, enabling you to better manage and coordinate your efforts. This way, combining your effort and strategies will create better results.

Each restaurant may have a different restaurant marketing plan from one other, depending on its goal. For example, a fine-dining restaurant marketing framework might have different strategies compared to casual dining or steakhouse.

5. Send Email Marketing That Actually Works

Send Email Marketing That Actually Works
Send Email Marketing That Actually Works

Using an email marketing strategy is a bit tricky, especially with big companies filling up people’s inboxes already with their newsletters. However, you can still make it work by tailoring your emails to the recipient’s past experiences with your restaurant to increase the possibility of engagement.

You’ll create a relevant email marketing for each customer using your customers’ personalized data, a touch of spot-on copywriting, and an automated email system. This way, each customer will feel special since the email sent to their inboxes are personalized.

6. Focus on Loyalty

Focus on Loyalty
Focus on Loyalty

Customer loyalty is an emotional connection between a company and a customer that is reflected in the customer’s desire to engage and make multiple purchases from that restaurant instead of from competitors.

So, how do you make an effective way to get customer loyalty? Here’s how:

  1. Provide outstanding customer service
  2. Personalize customer experience
  3. Offer top-quality food and drinks
  4. Show appreciation by offering rewards and incentives
  5. Make use of customer feedback
  6. Create a loyalty program with incentives and discounts
  7. Leverage social media to stay connected
  8. Solicit customer recommendations and online reviews
  9. Give customers a sense of ownership in your restaurant

By leveraging these steps, your restaurant will gain new loyal customers easier than ever.

7. Collect and Use Guest Data

Collect and Use Guest Data
Collect and Use Guest Data

Collecting and using guest data for restaurant marketing may help companies better target the correct clients, optimize pricing choices, get consumer feedback to enhance goods and services, and monitor trends to modify marketing tactics.

Restaurants may utilize customer information to develop customized emails that advertise deals, use online reviews to determine consumer wants, and identify top-performing items for additional advertising.

Using customer data, your restaurant can create personalized service to add a touch of excellent service and hospitality.

8. Practical Restaurant Website Design

Practical Website Design
Practical Website Design

Customers frequently search restaurant websites for information, such as the menu, opening hours, and location. Therefore, your website has to be simple and practical enough for users to access, especially those using mobile devices.

Next, it must be simple for consumers to make online reservations via your website. Thus, the button for bookings must be visible and simple to find. Also, the procedure must be real-time and seamless.

Finally, your website has to portray your brand accurately and allow visitors to get a feel for your restaurant even before they make a reservation. This way, the potential customers will have a vision of what kind of service and food they’ll get.

9. Special Offers and Promotions

levi elizaga K1S0PUkrIvw unsplash
Special Offers and Promotions

Special offers and promotions are excellent restaurant marketing tactics that may help the restaurant business bring in more clients, boost client loyalty, and enhance sales.

Restaurants may make their customers feel appreciated and give them a reason to come back by customizing emails with special offers, promotions, or even gifts for special events.

Offering seasonal offers or time-limited discounts will also attract new customers while luring back existing ones, helping your restaurant maximize revenues while delivering outstanding experiences.

10. Menu Promotion

Menu Promotion
Menu Promotion

Restaurants benefit from time-based discounts. You can boost traffic and lure potential customers by temporarily lowering drink and meal prices for special events.

The type of menu promotions that are offered varies, from BOGO (buy one get one), half-price discounts, percentage sales, bundling prices, or even seasonal discounts. Some places even provide lower prices every day after 9 p.m.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Restaurants Keep Customers Happy?

There are some ways to keep customers happy while dining at your restaurant. Some ways are by giving excellent service, providing easy reservations, making unforgettable food, listening to their feedback, providing loyalty programs, and offering discounts. This way, you’ll satisfy your customers even before they enter your place.


In conclusion, conducting restaurant marketing strategies is essential to survive in the current Australian restaurant industry. Using the right restaurant marketing strategy will attract customers and boost revenues.

If you’re a restaurant owner in Australia looking to step up your restaurant marketing, try some of the tips above. From adding reservation links to Google Business to offering special discounts and menu promotions, there are various ways you can increase your business’s traffic.

Are you ready to step up your restaurant marketing game using these restaurant marketing ideas?

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